I’m biting my tongue here

From spewing a string of obscenities. Let’s just nerd it up and let the Win Expectancy Finder spell it out here for us. When Izzy came into the game, the Cardinals probablity of winning was 95.4%. When Valentin flew out to right, the percentage of a Cardinal W went up to 98.6%. After Lopez’s double, the percentage went down to 94.5%. So victory was still well in hand.  Walking Rich Aurilia hurt, dropping the percentage of a win to 86.3%. The wild pitch didn’t help either, as both runners advanced and the Cardinal’s win probability went down to 84.1%. (UPDATE: 6/6/06 Here’s the Win Probabilty Graph Courtesy of www.fangraphs.com).

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After Griffey’s three run shot, the probability of a Cardinal victory was 16.5%. Then  inexplicably, Izzy proceeded to walk Dunn. He then was pulled from the game and met with a round of boos, and I even I can’t say they weren’t well deserved. Your job as the closer is to throw strikes. It’s certainly ain’t easy, but that’s why he’s getting paid $8.75 mil, and that was a must win game with second-place Cincy now only 2 out of first. And that’s 2 losses in the last 4 days that should have been wins.

I’m not a booer, at least not at games but I’d like to see anyone, even Albert, try and defend Izzy now. I’ve quoted Isringhausen on this before, and I’ll quote again here "I’ve been known to walk guys to get to guys I want to face." I gotta think he didn’t want to walk Aurilia to face Griffey, but I wonder if he was thinking he was setting himself up for a double-play. He ended up setting himself up for disaster and this act is getting so tired. Take a look at Izzy’s walk rate this season. This is before tonight’s game.

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That’s right folks, he’s off the charts. Izzy is striking out 8.34 per 9, which matches his walk rate of 8.34 per 9. Oddity of oddities. That’s…well that’s just downright funky, and not in a James Brown way. More like in a 10 month old casserole you found in the back of your fridge funk. Yet he’s leading the NL in saves, which goes to show how overrated saves are.

I expect better out of Izzy, and I still have faith he’ll turn it around a bit, but I’m worn out from watching him crash and burn twice in four days. And I’m even worn out from watching him pitch around batters instead of just going after them. Have some freakin’ stones, please!

(End of late night, aggravated, sleepy-headed rant.)


  1. lindaphayes@hotmail.com

    I agree with the assessment of Izzy. I think he needs to get batters out as quickly as possible. Forget the “walking someone to get to someone else” line. Izzy, do your job and save the games in the ninth!

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