Mark Hamilton and the rest of the night around the farm

Mark Hamilton homered twice tonight for the State College Spikes, his 5th of the year in only 34 at bats. Hamilton was the 76th pick in the draft, and Bryan Smith at Baseball Analysts had this to say about the young slugger.

"Unfortunately for Hamilton, being drafted here means he enters an organization for which he has no future. Fortunately, he immediately becomes the system’s best power hitter, and profiles to move quickly. Hamilton would have led the nation in home runs if not for Hurricane Katrina, which kept Hamilton playing in a pitcher-friendly "home" ballpark. Earlier in the year we read about Hamilton’s big power showing on Friday nights, indicating he should transfer to the next level better than power collegiate competitors Aaron Bates and Matt LaPorta. Finally, Hamilton was solid in the Cape last summer, so wood bats won’t be a problem, either. Expect Hamilton to get more respect in the trade market in 2008, when he is ready for the show."

Smith says he has no future with the Cards, as he’s going to be blocked by another 1st baseman, um, what’s his name? But in 05 Hamilton did play 32 games in left field as a sophmore, so he’s not certain trade bait. If he keeps slugging I’m sure the Cards will find a position for him.  Also for the Spikes, first rounder Adam Ottavino pitched 4.1 solid innings, allowing 1 run on 2 hits and a walk, striking out 4.

Elsewhere in the farm system: Colby Rasmus hit his 11th HR of the season, but the Swing lost in extra innings 3-2. Ex-Nebraska Husker and power hitting 1st baseman Brandon Buckman hit a double and a homerun in a losing cause for Johnson City. Buckman was selected in the 19th round. (He also took AZ 1st rounder Max Scherzer deep earlier this year.) Nick Webber was roughed up pitching for Palm Beach, giving up 6 runs on 6 hits in 5 innings. Amaury "the Body" Marti went 3 for 4, including a double and a HR, his 3rd of the season, but the Cards still lost at the fins of the Manatees. (Barbara Manatee, Manatee…you are the one for me, one for me!…some of you with small children know what that’s about!)

Springfield was off tonight and Memphis, well, honestly who really cares about how Memphis fared? The highlight of the game from my standpoint is that Josh Kinney went had a perfect inning and a third, fanning 3 and Junior Spivey had a pinch hit RBI single. Memphis 5, Nashville 1.

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  1. districtboy

    Go Mark Hamilton and Nathan Southard! It’s unfortunate that Hamilton is injured now and Southard has been placed on the reserve list. It’s most unfortunate that I can’t get any more information oh them! It’s really frustrating. Anyway, your blog is really good. My favorite minor league team is the Spikes, and now, as you’re probably aware, is now affiliated with the Pirates instead of the Cards. That honor now belongs to Batavia. I really hope Hamilton has a good career. At the time of the 2006 season, Brad Furnish looked like he had the most talent on the team, but Allen Craig really has been the most successful as of late.


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