This is much better

W5. That’s now 18 innings of shutout ball against a very good hitting team. Coming into this series the Dodgers have scored 5.31 runs per game, tied for 1st with the Mets, and the Cardinals are blanking them. I know it’s only 2 games into the second half, but this is a very nice contrast to the poor pitching we endured for that long, dismal stretch. Carp was just terrific in his 9 innings of 2 hit ball. Jimmy flashed the leather twice. And Chris Duncan looked like a different player tonight then he did the night before.  And Eckstein was set the table beautifully. Ah, winning baseball. I love it.

Well, before some of you or myself get too excited about the pitching coach’s son, Jim Hayes of the Sports Report is saying that according to the P-D’s Joe Strauss, Dave Dellucci is close to coming to St. Louis. I didn’t see the report, because I’m not lucky enough to have FSMW here in Iowa, the land of porkloin sandwiches, sweet corn and boredom. So I don’t know what actually was said, but several posters on different forums are saying the same things.

I can’t say I’m super excited about this possibilty, because Dellucci just doesn’t seem like the impact bat we need. Sounds like another super-saver deal due to budget contraints and lack of a ton of depth in the farm system. But I’m okay with this deal, as Dellucci does represent an offensive upgrade. The pros:

  • He has power. This season and last he has an ISO of .270 in 543 plate appearances. You could say that he was aided by hitters park’s like Texas and Philly’s, but his home/away splits don’t agree.
  • He can take a walk. He has a 10.7% walk percentage and walked in 15% of his plate appearances last season and he has a career .346 OBP. Could be the permanent answer for the 2 spot in the lineup the rest of the season.
  • He’s dirt cheap. The Phils have already paid him half of the $950K on his contract which expires at the end of the season. Great value.
  • He projects to age somewhat nicely. According to Baseball Prospectus, he projects an EqA of .295, .290, .298, .300. …(That’s pretty good, and much better then Chris Duncan’s projections.) That’s assuming we decide to keep him around next season or so. But they also project him to continue his string of injuries, which brings me to-

The cons:

  • He’s injury prone. He just hasn’t been able to stay healthy.
  • He can’t hit lefties a lick. Luna and Taguchi could be his platoon partner, but yippee.
  • He stikes out A LOT. In 25% of his AB’s, to be exact. His power and on base abilities make up the difference, though.

I think he’s a modest upgrade and you can’t beat the price. (We’re paying Larry Bigbie the same amount of dough to not hit in low A ball right now). Is he really the "impact bat" Walt is hoping for? No, not really but he’s certainly worth a shot with all the other overpriced options out there and we won’t have to give up much in order to swing him. It’s not a wow move, but it’s a reasonably smart one in my opinion.

UPDATED: From Bernie Miklasz "He can get Dellucci. He’s holding off a bit, hoping to get more of an impact bat. " That’s good news. I do hope he can get that impact bat, but I’m not sure what we can get without giving up a king’s ransom. July 31st is still a little while away, we’ll see.


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