No mas, Izzy

I’ve officially had it. Izzy is Jonah. Throw him off the boat and maybe the waters will calm. Well, don’t do that, but at least relieve him from his closer’s duties temporarily and let him pitch in some lower leverage situations until his chronic gopheritis heals. Isringhausen has had his ups and all, but far too many downs to the tune of 9 blown saves. Izzy has been good for around 88% of his saves the last three seasons. This season, 77%, or about 1 in 4 games ends up with Izzy coughing up the lead.  If Isringhausen was his normal, more reliable self we’d be 5  or 6 games ahead of the Reds right now, not just 1.

I’d like to see Wainwright get the oppurtunity, here’ my case with the help of

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Adam and Izzy are about the same as far as K’s go.

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Izzy has cut down his walks some later in the season, but Wainwright has been much stingier with the free passes. I don’t know about you, but nothing is more frustrating then watching the Cowardly Isringlion walk guys like Rich Aurilia on 4 pitches to get to anyone, because all to often it’s come back to kill him, much to Cardinal fan’s chagrin. 

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But worst of all is the homerun rate. This is the clincher. All too often we’ve seen him try and go back to his Benedict Arnold cutter, which usually ends in him walking off the mound with a despondent look on his face as the opponents are mobbing each other at home plate. On the other hand, Wainwright has allowed less then a HR per 9.

I know that some would argue that Adam’s only a rookie, but he’s already been in the fire of high leverage situations and has come out on top more often then not.

My only concern, and it is a big concern, is his platoon split. Righties are hitting under .200 against Adam, southpaws over .300. Not only could that render him ineffective as a closer, it hurts his ability as a set-up guy this year and a starter the next (if that’s still the Card’s plan for him.) If he could remedy that, it would go along way. I have no idea if those sort of splits have dogged him throughout the minors or not. All I know is for now, please no more Izzy.

As for the game, you hate to see 7 RBI’s from Albert go to waste like that. I’ve been a fan of the Weaver trade, but the guy is mental. Just watching his body language and facial expressions is sick. He loses it all to often. That was a back-breaker of a game, and I’m not sure we can come back from that one.


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