Dead Birds

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The 5 Stages of a bad season.

  1. Denial. "This can’t be happening" "We still have Albert, Carp and Rolen so we have a chance" "Somehow, the pitching will get it together" "Mulder will be back" "Things could get better if this team every play’s as it’s capable"
  2. Anger. "Why me?" "Stupid, cheap owners hand-cuffing Jocketty this winter" "Jock has lost his magic" "Izzy is garbage" "Boo Juan Encarnacion!" "Cardinal fans deserve better" "These bums don’t deserve to play in October"
  3. Bargaining. "God, I’ll give you my firstborn if the Cardinals can just stop being so frustrating and start winning!"
  4. Depression. "When does football season start?"
  5. Acceptance. "This is a bad team". "Even if they make it to the playoffs, good luck getting past the first round." "So, who’s in 07’s free agent class?".

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