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Minute Maid Park is Evil

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This is what a 450+ foot homerun looks like. Granted it took until July 7th for Rodriguez to finally hit one, but that’s what you call a no doubter.

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And this is probably a fly ball, at best a double, off the bat of Morgan Ensberg that ends up landing in some overpriced seats.

But the real story of the night was Jason Marquis. He was throwing a good, lively fastball that I read touched 94 to go with a his sinker, cutter and a good curveball. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Marquis’ fastball with that much velocity and movement, and rarely have I seen his curveball has so much break. It was quite Carpenter-esque, actually. Marquis actually named Chris Carpenter as being a source of some new found wisdom, according to the P-D

Marquis recently cited advice overheard from Chris Carpenter. The staff ace expounded on the importance of managing situations and never giving up on a game despite the score.The words left an impression that Marquis insisted he would try to carry for the rest of the season: Manage situations by addressing the hitter rather than worry about runners."It’s a pretty good philosophy," Marquis said. "It helps you really bear down and get the hitter out rather than worry about what’s going on with the runners around you."

Really Jason? No kidding? Here’s hoping this game is another launching pad to another good run for Marquis, a la last August 27th verses Washington. It’s funny about Jason. He seems to figure somethings out. Simple things like throwing strikes. Simple things never giving up. It’s funny how those simple things can get away from him. Again, yesterday could be a great launching pad, or it could be another tease from the talented yet mental Marquis.

But boy, that was a nice win. Vintage Jimmy catch on that hill thing-y. Efficient offense and defense. It felt like good times again.

Anthony Reyes takes on Roger Clemens. What’s with Anthony and these tough match-ups? First the White Sox, then big CC, then Smoltz now Roger Clemens. Hopefully the zip is back on his fastball.