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Weighing in on the weird trade

Now starting at shortstop for the Cincinnati Reds…Royce Clayton!! As Nelson the Bully once said, "Ha! Ha!" I know there are some looking for more under the surface here, but I think the truth is here is that the Reds are big losers in this deal. The scary thing about this whole thing is that apparently Walt is talking to the Nats about Soriano. If it cost the Reds Lopez and Kearns to get a couple of middle-relievers, what is it going to cost the Cards for Alfie in the midst a career year? Maybe there really is something more then meets the eye here, but I don’t see it. I just see Bowden being extremely shrewd to the organization he once worked for.

Word is the White Sox are shopping Freddy Garcia and Javier Vasquez for some middle-relief. Do we have the chips for Vasquez, because hasn’t Walt shown interest in him in the past? Is Braden Looper and Brad Thompson too little to offer for Vasquez? Yeah, Kenny Williams probably isn’t that stupid. Vasquez has an ERA of 5.07, but his peripherals are very good (7 K/9, 2 BB/9 and .8 HR/9 pitching have his games at the Cell). His FIP is almost a run and a half lower then his actual ERA, indicating his bad luck. Maybe we can hope the Sox will undervalue him. His salary is pretty darn hefty, though. ($11.5M in 06, $12.5M in 07.)

Mlbtraderumors also reports the Phils are ready to clean house, naming Burrell. Joe Strauss of the P-D also has named Burrell as a possible target for Walt. Pricey, pricey pricey. He’s owed $27M through 07-08 and the Phils would have to swallow a good bit of that contract. He’s intriguing, but he may be peaking and will be most likely heading downhill sometime in that contract.


Red Death

Okay, how worried should we be about the Reds? They are starting Joe Mays (yes, Joe Mays) tonight. Mays is 0-5 with a 8.21 ERA and how he is even still in the big leagues is shocking to say the least. Not to be outdone by Walt Jocketty and the Cardinals, they went out and picked up a scrap-heaper of their own in one Eddie Guardado. The entire American League was Jason Giambi to Everyday Eddie, slugging .606 against Guardado in 23 innings.

Weaver IMO was worth the risk, and presents some upside. Guardado has been bombed on and pitching in the Great American Bandbox certainly won’t help. All they gave up was Travis Chick, so no big loss but I like our scrap heap move much, much better.

And heck, at least we’re not starting Joe Mays.

Ponson takes the mound tonight. It’s hard to root against a player wearing your team’s laundry, but here’s to a 10-7 Cardinal win tonight. And why again, is Aaron Miles starting?