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7 in a row and the trade winds continue to blow

A good outing by Anthony Reyes today. The 7 hits he allowed in 5 innings could’ve been less, as Lofton got hit by the ball Jeff Kent hit, and Lofton had a real weenie of a squibber earlier in the game. Anthony seemed to use more of his pitches earlier in the game, as the breaking ball and the change looked pretty good. But as the game went on it seemed he was trying to throw sinkers and his command was off. Not a real good sign, but it still was a good outing. It was fun to see the little duel between Penny and Pujols, though I don’t think Pujols deserved the brushback. He was just trying to be aggressive on the basepaths. I used to live in Penny’s hometown of Broken Arrow, OK and he looks like one of the burly Okie types who looks to pick a fight after his girlfriend dumps him or his favorite high school football team loses a game.

Chris Duncan is continuing his hot hitting, right in the midst for Jocketty’s quest for a bat. I’m not sure he’s the long term answer and cancels the need for an addition, but I’m certainly enjoying the ride. I’ve spoke my peace about Dellucci for now, but word is from the Chicago Sun-Times that Jock could be swinging for the fences and we could be the dark horse winners in the Abreu sweepstakes. Here is the blurb:

He’s (Abreu) the best bat on the market, and the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox and Detroit Tigers are expected to do some of the most aggressive bidding. But don’t be surprised if the St. Louis Cardinals — desperate for some pop in their outfield — emerge as the winner in the Abreu derby.

Steve Phillips, GM genius and ESPN wonder-analyst says he thinks Abreu is coming to St. Louis. I’d love to see it happen of course, but the money could be a stumbling block. Abreu is owed $15M next season, and has a $16M option next season. He’d certainly look good in Cardinal red.