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Yahoo’s Jeff Passan on the upcoming FA market

Passan’s take:

Of interest:

  • "10) Mark Mulder, SP, St. Louis Cardinals – Three of the worst words a pitcher can hear are "rotator-cuff injury." The eight absolute worst are "rotator-cuff injury in a free-agent season." Mulder might have lost himself $35 million, unless he comes back and proves himself healthy. Projected contract: three years, $30 million
  • "16) Jason Marquis, SP, St. Louis – Take away the 13-run mess of an outing he endured, followed by another seven-run debacle, and Marquis’ ERA is almost a full point less than his current 5.43. The main point: He’s 27 and throws 95. Someone will bite. Projected contract: four years, $28 million"
  • "A baker’s dozen options that should be declined (holder of option in parentheses) 1) Jim Edmonds, OF, St. Louis – $10 million (club)"

  • "A dozen potential bargains: 3) David Dellucci, OF, Philadelphia, 10) Jeff Weaver, SP, St. Louis, 12) Craig Wilson, 1B/OF, Pittsburgh"

I refuse to discuss Mulder. That horse has been beat to death, resuccitated and beat to death again. As for Marquis, where is Passan getting his scouting reports? Marquis throws 95? 4y/$28M seems possible for Marquis, who has settled down for now and his best days could still be ahead of him. 

Jim Edmonds the #1 player whose option should be declined? Over Luis Gonzalez and Ryan Klesko? Please. Jimmy has a better OBP and SLG then free agent to be Torii Hunter (who Passan projects will land a contract of 3Y/$30M), and looking at that play he made in Houston, and those 2 web gems he made last night Jimmy can still flash the leather. How is this #1 option in all of baseball to decline?

Possible trade targets Craig Wilson and Dave Dellucci are listed as bargains, and I tend to agree. Word is Wilson is heading to NY for Melky Cabrera. If Weaver can pitch a few good games and show he’s okay, perhaps Jocketty can swing a bargain deal late in the season. With Marquis and Mulder likely walking for big bucks, and Suppan likely out too due to poor performance, resigning Weaver to a 2 year deal would make sense.

As far as left fielders out there…There are some expensive options out there in Carlos Lee and Alfonso Soriano, and then there are potential bargains such as the aforementioned Dellucci and Wilson, or perhaps Frank Catalanatto. Yeah, the pickins seem to be slim this winter too.