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Weaver’s debut

This is what Cardinal fans get for making fun of the Cubs getting embarrassed last night on national TV.

I can already hear it…We got rid of Ponson to make room for this?! Well, keep in mind Weaver hasn’t pitched a game since June 27th. And Duncan got a book to work with from this outing. Weaver clearly was having problems with his control. 33 out of 55 of his pitches were for strikes. He was pitching against an extremely hot team and his pitch selection was terrible. Throwing 9 straight pitches inside to Brian McCann is a recipe for disaster. The grand slam was not a suprising outcome.  Some of the other hits were just softly hit balls that found a hole, that happens when you are facing a hot team and an you are an unlucky pitcher.

But really, Weaver looked like he was rusty, trying to get a feel for his location and just had poor pitch selection. Dunc will work with him on mixing up locations and getting his mechanics back if he’ll listen. I still like the trade and I still like Weaver a heckuva lot better then Heavy P. Relax, Cardinal fans. Let’s give Weaver 2 or 3 more outings before we make a judgment.

Watching the game now (barely) it looks like the pen isn’t fairing any better. And Hancock has been pitching pretty well lately, so that should tell you something about these red hot Braves. This team just smacked around Jake Peavy and Chris Young, too. (Jeez, I hate Braves. Have since the nineties. I don’t root against many teams, but I find myself almost always rooting against them. But then I feel bad for them at times because their fan base is so wishy-washy.)

Weave a little help

Apparently after another shelling Walt had seen enough. The problem is Weaver has been shelled just as much this season for the Angels, but he certainly is more talented the 3-4-5 trio of death we’ve been watching lately. I do admit I kinda sorta wish we hadn’t had to part with Terry Evans, but whether he’s a breakout or just a fluke is yet to be seen. Evans has hit 22 HR and has stolen 26 bases, hitting over .300 between Palm Beach and Springfield, and has slugged well over .550. Drafted in 01, he’s a pretty old guy to just arrive to AA. Prior to this season, Evans has only hit .239/.303/.394 and 40 HR in 4 MiLB seasons, all in the lower rungs of the system. Eh. Oh, well. I guess I can’t nor should I complain.

Weaver’s projections:

  • Ron Shandler: 203 IP, 3.99 ERA, 6.1 K/9, 2.2 BB/9, 2.8 K/BB 1.1 HR/9
  • PECOTA: 195 IP, 4.07 ERA, 135 K, 49 BB, 25 HR
  • Bill James Handbook: 239 IP, 4.10 ERA 159 K’s, 63 BB, 27 HR
  • Actual to date: 88 IP, 6.29 ERA, 62 K, 21 BB, 18 (!!!) HR

Weaver, unlike his new teammates can actually get a strikeout:

  • Marquis 4.1 K/9
  • Ponson 4.1
  • Suppan 4.5
  • Mulder 4.7
  • Weaver 6.3

He also walks fewer batters:

  • Ponson 3.5 per/9
  • Suppan 3.5
  • Marquis 3.2
  • Mulder 2.8
  • Weaver 2.1

Where he’s suffered is in giving up the longball

  • Weaver 1.81 per/9
  • Mulder 1.78
  • Marquis 1.54
  • Suppan 1.31

Just guessing here, the fact that Weaver can still get strikeouts shows me his velocity isn’t the problem. Maybe the homeruns are just dumb luck. 17% of his flyballs are going over the fences, when the average is 11-12% If the gopher-itis can be curbed, this is a great deal. If it can’t, well, how much worse can he be the the other junk we’ve endured?

It should also be noted that Weaver has a history for being a slow starter. Last season for the Dodgers, Weaver had a 5.97 ERA and only averaged 6 innings per start. After 5/29 he settled down and posted a 3.60 ERA and averaged around 7 innings per start.

Edit: Beyond the Boxscore has more scoop on Weaver, and as it turns out the Angels may have just lost patience with him, as he was just starting to rebound and had a bad start at Colorado. I really like this deal. (Hat tip to Murrel who posted this at VEB).