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Whoa! Jimmy’s feelin’ dizzy!

Per Bernie Miklasz-

From Joe Strauss, who is on now…(have at it, poachers)…(That would be me here.)

This could be a big deal…

At least, Edmonds has a serious post-concussion syndrome…

not in lineup tonite…not sure when he will play again…

could be diabetes, hypoglycemia…other serious illnesses… checking everything…. team concerned…. ran a battery of tests today, including a vision exam.

Edmonds didn’t even know — a day after — when he came out of the game last night … he thought it was the second or third inning….can’t see very well… had a hard time seeing the ball last night… driving home last night, couldn’t see the traffic signs.

Edmonds talked to Strauss about 15 minutes ago… says he’s really mystified and troubled.

The dizziness is why Edmonds was pulled out of the game last night. Many of you may know post-concussion syndrome is what shelved Mike Matheny for the rest of the season, but as a catcher I’d imagine he’s taken a lot more blows to the head the Jim Edmonds. Here’s the prognosis on Post Concussion Syndrome from Wikipedia:

For most patients, post concussion symptoms go away within a few days to several weeks after the original injury occurs. In others, symptoms may remain for three to six months. In a small percentage of patients, symptoms may persist for years or may be permanent. If symptoms are not resolved by one year, they are likely to be permanent. However, the prognosis for PCS is generally considered excellent, with total resolution of symptoms in the large majority of cases.

If a patient receives another blow to the head after a concussion but before concussion symptoms have gone away, there is a slight risk that he or she will develop the very rare but deadly Second Impact Syndrome (SIS). In SIS, the brain may rapidly swell and be damaged.

So as you can see, this could be a few days, or it could be a long, lingering problem. It’s not out of the realm of possible that we don’t see Jimmy for a while, maybe even the rest of the season. We’ll just have to wait and see. Corey Koskie of the Brewers has suffered the same thing, and hasn’t played a game since July 5th. Hopefully it’s not anything out of the ordinary bad. This was caused by Edmonds running into the wall trying to rob Joe Crede of the White Sox of a HR 6/21. If you remember, that’s when the White Sox put a giant noogie on Marquis. The score was already 9-3 before Crede put the Sox up by 7. Ugh. I appreciate the hustle and all but oy. That just plain stinks. I guess we’ll now have to endure a center field manned by So Taguchi and Timo Perez.

I’d be remiss to not say that Carp was nothing short of brilliant last night. Nice to see Belliard bust of his slump as well. I’ll be recording Reyes outing tonight, can’t wait to see how he does.


Jimmy’s gettin’ upset!

"Jimmy’s in limbo". "Jimmy’s frustrated by being in the dark".

Jimmy’s starting to crow to the media, saying he’s getting the Matt Morris vibes as the season goes on. No player wants his career to be up in the air, but I wish he’d try and take the Pujols road and earn his job every year, rather then rest on his laurels.

He’s obviously not the Edmonds we have loved, but even in his decline he has the 4th best PrOPS of NL centerfielders, and he’s made some of his usual big plays patrolling center. If Edmonds would just look around, he’d see the competition on the upcoming winter CF market isn’t completely stacked with talent. Torii Hunter is the biggest name out there if the Twins don’t pick up his option (and I’m not sure they wil), and he’s the only name I might take a peak at. I worry about his ankle, but he plays much better defense then Jim these days (if you put any stock in fielding metrics), and he doesn’t need to be platooned. I’m not saying I agree with Edmonds being platooned, but I’m just trying to look at this from a LaRussian standpoint (wow! my head hurts now). He would be a "more complete player" from that view, the same reason we traded Luna for Belliard.

Outside of Hunter, (and I’m not saying I particularly endorse Hunter, just musing here)  the list is thin. Gary Matthews Jr, Kenny Lofton, Dave Roberts. Another option could be moving Encarnacion to center, then perhaps signing Jose Guillen to man right and a lesser guy like Dellucci or Catalanatto to play left. (Though I don’t see Guillen meshing well with the Skip). The other free agent corner outfielders consist of Soriano, Carlos Lee, Gary Sheffield, Moises Alou and several lesser lights.

I’d love to see Edmonds finish out his career in Cardinal red, but the only way that should happen is if he’ makes himself unexpendable, and right now that’s debatable.

Part time Jimmy

Tony La Russa has taken to pretty much completely platooning Jim Edmonds now, limiting the number of at bats he’s getting. Sure, he’s not the player he was and his decline appears to be more rapid then expected. His struggles are due largely in part due to his injuries he’s suffering this year. But is Jimmy Ballgame really nothing better then a platoon player anymore?

Well, in his 56 at bats verses lefties this season, he does. .196/.221/.321. Yikes.But it’s just 56 at bats. That’s just a pretty small sample size. Just looking at the previous three seasons (which were pretty stellar) Edmonds doesn’t look like a platoon player at all. 

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If you can’t read the font on the graph, red is right, green is left, blue is both. Looking at his last three seasons before this one, Edmonds batting average was better verses lefties in 05 and 04 by a good margin.

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His slugging verses lefties last season was better, and in previous years they compared quite well with his stats verses righties.

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Outside of 2003 and 2006, he doesn’t strike out much more verses lefties then verses righties either. I just don’t like the idea of strictly platooning Edmonds. I know they are trying to get Luna some at bats and let Taguchi play center. I’d sooner see Taguchi in left and Edmonds get some more at bats verses lefties. I know he’s been struggling, but let’s give him more then 50 ab’s to decide whether or not he can hit lefties still or not.

(Graphs from www.fangraphs.com )