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Curious Jorge

I suppose adding one 3-10 pitcher who’s been knocked around more who’s been knocked around more then Glass Joe was not enough. I’m sure you’ve heard, the Cardinals have added Jorge Sosa. It’s not like giving up Scalamandre (who?) is really a big deal, but I’m not certain they can fix Sosa’s problems. They already have their hands full "fixing" Marquis, Mulder, Weaver and Reyes. (Because we all know, you just have got to fix that Anthony Reyes!)

Sosa was an effective, albeit flukey pitcher last season. But looking at some of his highlight reels, there is mild reason to believe Sosa could turn out okay. He can throw 93-96 mph fastball, a hard slider and a nasty splitter. (Note in particular the splitter on 8/26/04) A couple more bad outings from Weaver, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see him in the rotation.