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Lotta happenings-A Juan-derful game

I’ll take advantage of the rain delay to post here…

First of all, it’s Father’s Day! I’d like to say thanks to my Dad for all he taught me and his support. And if you’re a dad, be sure to kick back, relax and enjoy yourself today. Hopefully, we’ll get a sweep today.

Juan Encarnacion has officially got the heat off of him yesterday, hitting 2 homeruns. I don’t know if Juan has finally found his acceptance with the fans now or not, because I don’t think he took his curtain call last night. But he sure deserved it with the way he’s stepped up his game lately. Here’s a peak at his 2 homeruns via Hitracker

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True distance of 365 for the first one.

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And 412 for #2.

Well, I’m sure most of you have heard this by now, but Ponson is out of the rotation.  I’m sure it’s pretty safe to assume Reyes will be taking his spot. Inside, I’m dancing a jig for joy that Anthony will finally assume his well deserved spot. Out of all the struggling starters, Ponson going to the pen makes the most sense. He’s only averaging around 5 innings per start. And as the oldbirdwatcher pointed out at Vivaelbirdos, after a good start, Ponson has now left a pretty big (and round) crater out there in the ground, as he has come back to earth pretty hard.

  • Starts 1-3 BA .263, OPS .662, SLG .367
  • Starts 4-6 BA .345, OPS .957. SLG .560
  • Starts 7-9 BA .580, OPS 1.571, SLG 1.000

I could see him doing well in the bullpen, where he’s much less exposed and could be used in long relief or to get a groundball when needed.

Hopefully the rain clears up soon….