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Pardon me while I stand up and boo

Baghead Not only did Marquis probably save his job by throwing a semi decent game while simultaneously re-asserting himself as the NL gopherball leader, we just got swept by the lowly Buccos. The Cardinals scored 3 runs the whole series against a team that has been allowing 5.1 runs per. It’s not like we haven’t had baserunners, so I gotta believe the offense will turn around but that doesn’t matter right now, what matters is the L’s getting thrown up in the standings.

And we now lead the league in plunkings (64).There’s a sick side of me that is starting to root for this team to fail. These bums just don’t belong in October playing like this and the sooner the offseason can come the better. The front office has got a lot of work to do this winter, and if the ownership thinks it can handcuff Jocketty again and maintain the fanbase it’s got another thing coming. I need to see some changes here, or else I’ll find something else to do with my time other then yelling at the TV and kicking the cats. (Quick, call the ARF foundation!) I’m not trying to be fairweather, I just think that a team that has solid resources ("small market" notwithstanding) along with a solid core in place like Pujols, Carpenter and Rolen has no reason to be in the fight of it’s life to fend off over-achieving weenies like the Cincinnati Scrap Heapers featuring Adam Dunn and Ryan Freel. If the ownership thinks they can sell me baseball strictly based on hokiness and ghosts of the past with no real substance, then maybe I should just forget it. 

LaRussa had a quote at the official site about fans not going over to football with a Iowadm_1 close division race. I don’t even consider myself a big football fan, but I’m actually looking forward to football this fall, as it will be a nice change from watching frustating baseball 6 days a week.

I guess no one’s putting a gun to my head. Okay so no, I probably won’t give up on the Cards, even though many of the players seem to be giving up on themselves. I guess it’s gotta get much worse then this for me to denounce ‘Cardinalism’. I’ve seen crappier baseball and have been no worse for the wear. It’s just very disheartening to see this team get it’s head kicked in by the worst team in the National League, and that’s not to mention we can’t seem to figure out the rival Cubs, who we play this week.