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Memories, like the corner of my mind

Sidney, we hardly knew ye.  He really did pitch quite admirably last night. Maybe he’ll have at least a teaspoon of value in a trade. He was a pretty effective, albeit lucky pitcher for about 2 months. Then the wheels fell off in June. It was a feel good story of sorts, Sidney being the O’s problem child, swearing to stay off the booze and be a good soldier. Best wishes, Sid…

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…but I still love this pic.


That was… that was..i dunno what that was

Wow…I’m speechless. I am without speech. Congrats to those of you who watched/listened to the whole game. You truly are sick puppies. Things that wouldn’t shock me in the least after this debacle-

  • Ponson gets his unconditional release.
  • Mulder goes on the DL, or at least skips a start or two to get his noodle fixed.

Well, the good news is the Reds lost, too. Even better new is that finally Reyes should be added to the rotation, and at the official site he’s listed as Thursday’s starter. And what would it cost us to get this guy? Probably too much, but it’s worth a phone call to Schuerholz.

Oh, and I gotta add that Ozzie Guillen is a weenie. Ponson was acting on his own. Plunking the pitching coaches’ son? C’mon Ozzie, what happened to the benefit of the doubt? Dunc had his little revenge later, but that was just cheap.

More drama in the Anthony Reyes/Sid Ponson/Tony LaRussa Soap Opera

Okay, I’m really sick of getting teased. Earlier this morning, the Post Dispatch ran a story that Ponson was getting sent to the bullpen. Due to his less then stellar performances as of late, I was assuming this was a permanent move and that Reyes would finally make his way into the rotation for good. But I guess I forgot for a moment that Tony La Russa manages this team. Here’s a blurb from the Cardinal’s official site.

La Russa minimized talk about Anthony Reyes making another spot start. Reyes, Triple-A Memphis’ ace, has pitched very well in two Major League starts this season, registering a 1-0 record and a 2.25 ERA. Reyes, 4-1 with a 3.04 ERA and a 65/8 strikeout to walk rate in Triple-A, threw on Friday night for Memphis, allowing four runs in six innings, one of his worst starts of the campaign. He struck out three and didn’t walk a batter. "Evidently, he’s not ready," La Russa said.

Oh, come on! Has Tony looked at his other starts, like say, earlier this same week? So one bad start is enough to keep you damned to AAA? When will this stupidity end? Don’t get me wrong, La Russa is far from a stupid manager, and I’d consider myself a fan of his overall. But this statement that Reyes isn’t ready over one game….well I’m just at a loss here. If I were Anthony, I’d be pretty ticked off that my efforts were consistently being undermined. If Reyes was on just about any other team, he would’ve been handed the job long ago and told it was his to lose.

So if Reyes isn’t starting this week against the White Sox, who is? Ponson seems to be in the doghouse, and not just for his poor pitching. Apparently, according to Bernie Miklasz at the P-D, the other starters have taken exception to the fact that he doesn’t do any pregame running, and so have the coaches. Plus, he’s put on weight since the season started. I’m sure this has to do with the fact he can’t pitch more then 5 innings, and he’s not overpowering anybody. At spring training, Ponson looked like he was in better shape and he displayed a good attitude. What’s changed? What an extremely lousy way to treat the team that gave you a second chance.  Miklasz predicts that Ponson is on the way out, and if what he says is true, Ponson’s exit will is more then well deserved.

EDIT: More from Bernie: He says Ponson isn’t happy about the demotion and wouldn’t be suprised if he asks for his release. Wow. Didn’t he say in the spring he was willing to do whatever it took? Nice.

On another note, Ruly at I Bleed Cardinal Red has joined the Mlblog family. Stop by and say hello.

Lotta happenings-A Juan-derful game

I’ll take advantage of the rain delay to post here…

First of all, it’s Father’s Day! I’d like to say thanks to my Dad for all he taught me and his support. And if you’re a dad, be sure to kick back, relax and enjoy yourself today. Hopefully, we’ll get a sweep today.

Juan Encarnacion has officially got the heat off of him yesterday, hitting 2 homeruns. I don’t know if Juan has finally found his acceptance with the fans now or not, because I don’t think he took his curtain call last night. But he sure deserved it with the way he’s stepped up his game lately. Here’s a peak at his 2 homeruns via Hitracker

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True distance of 365 for the first one.

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And 412 for #2.

Well, I’m sure most of you have heard this by now, but Ponson is out of the rotation.  I’m sure it’s pretty safe to assume Reyes will be taking his spot. Inside, I’m dancing a jig for joy that Anthony will finally assume his well deserved spot. Out of all the struggling starters, Ponson going to the pen makes the most sense. He’s only averaging around 5 innings per start. And as the oldbirdwatcher pointed out at Vivaelbirdos, after a good start, Ponson has now left a pretty big (and round) crater out there in the ground, as he has come back to earth pretty hard.

  • Starts 1-3 BA .263, OPS .662, SLG .367
  • Starts 4-6 BA .345, OPS .957. SLG .560
  • Starts 7-9 BA .580, OPS 1.571, SLG 1.000

I could see him doing well in the bullpen, where he’s much less exposed and could be used in long relief or to get a groundball when needed.

Hopefully the rain clears up soon….